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West Seattle Timebank

Sunday, January 12th 2020 3:00 PM — 6:00 PM

Soup swap Jan 12 3PM

Gathering Jan 12
Join other Timebank members to stock your freezer with delicious soups January 12 at 3:00 at the West Seattle home of members Hannah & Julie. Please RSVP to for the address. (Please RSVP even if you already know the address.)

***What the heck is Soup Swap?**
Bring four individually frozen quarts of soup, and go home with four different soups made by other Timebank members. During the swapping, enjoy snacks and beverages and catching up.

*What to bring*
Make four quarts of soup.
Think about how your soup will freeze and reheat. For example, cream soups tend to separate, so aren’t great choices. Inspiration:
We will have vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free attendees, so soups that meet those criteria are appreciated. However, we usually seem to have enough choices just by accident.
Gather four quart-sized containers. Quart jars, freezer bags, or the ZipLoc/Glad semi-disposable containers are all fine choices. Hannah and Julie have extras -- reach out to to arrange getting some. Freeze your soup in those containers. Label your soup containers. An ingredient list isn’t strictly necessary, but a note about meat, dairy, gluten, or common allergens is helpful.

*How it works*
You’ll get a chance to describe your soup, including history and ingredient origins. Fiction and bribery (accompaniments, accessories) are not discouraged.
How we’ll swap: When you get here, you’ll get a number. In order, swappers will tell their soup’s story. Then, again in order, everyone will get a chance to pick a quart of soup. We’ll continue until everyone has picked four quarts of soup.
There will be prizes for the first soup picked, the first soup to run out, the last soup to run out, and probably more.

Time commitment varies on number of participants and how much fun they're having, but expect at least two hours.

You are welcome to come without soup for the festivities and company.

We will have some snacks and beverages, and we welcome your additions.

This replaces our usual Thursday night potluck for January.