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West Seattle Timebank

Opportunities during pandemic

To keep our community safer, West Seattle Timebank meetings of over 5 people are to be virtual only during pandemic.   We respect guidelines set by Washington State and King County to minimize risks for all of us.

But there are still lots of things you can offer and request!

Timebank isn’t just a monthly gathering—we are a supportive community here to assist one another day in and day out--accessible to all who value personal contribution and resilient community.

By posting offers and requests, you access skills and assistance. You never know what other neighbors may enjoy or be willing to share.  Let’s try to find our own community power by working through this challenge together.

Please post an offers such as...

  • "Want to talk on the phone? I'm here."
  • "Need something at the store? I'll pick it up?"
  • "You don't have the virus but need some help cooking or cleaning?"
  • "Can I take the garbage out for you?"
  • "Here's a good time to learn that new computer program - we work together electronically"
  • "Can I bake a goodie or casserole for you and drop it off?"

You never know what others enjoy or are happy to share. Please make full use of Timebank! Let’s find a sense of our own community’s power by working through this challenge together.

Being here for each other is what Timebanking is all about. Let's get posting!

You can write the board at

Your Friends in Time,

The West Seattle Timebank Board