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West Seattle Timebank

Our Charter Organization has a new Board Chairperson, welcome Kathy Perlow!

This is a message from Edgar Cahn, Former Board Chairperson and Founder of our Charter Organizaion, Timebanks.Org

Hello Dear Friends,

As the founder of timebanking in 1980, the founder of TimeBanks.Org in 1995, and its CEO since, I have been inspired so many times by the stories of timebanking and how it has fostered strength, resilience, and healing for you, your friends, your families, and your communities. The stories, so powerful and varied, have highlighted over and over again the awesome capacity of communities to build and rebuild strength, trust, and resilience in the face of long-standing injustices and challenges. I am proud that TimeBanks.Org has been so deeply committed over the years to supporting the spread of timebanking, and to know that it will continue supporting and growing the movement worldwide.  

Now, more than a quarter-century after founding TimeBanks.Org and four decades after dreaming up timebanking and setting it in motion, I find myself writing to you to share an update on my health. 

As you may have heard, I haven’t been well for several months. I recently learned that I have metastatic prostate cancer. If that were all, it would be a journey with its own unique challenges, but it comes atop several other conditions. I am grateful to have the support and love of my wife, family, friends, the TimeBanks.Org board and team, and all the wonderful people that I have met along the way. With that said, much as I am committed to the work of TimeBanks.Org and its service to the timebanking movement worldwide, it is time for me to step aside as Chair. This is not goodbye: I will continue to serve in a new role as Chair Emeritus for TimeBanks.Org, proffering my thoughts and perspectives in the most helpful ways that I can. I look forward, too, to ongoing connections with you -- timebank members, leaders, and supporters around the world -- and to the never-ending journey of exploration and learning that timebanking brings. 

The Board and I are so pleased to announce that Board Member Kathy Perlow has stepped up to be the new Board Chair and that Chris Gray will step into a Co-Chair role to provide Kathy with support. I have known the strength, love, awesome dedication, and leadership that Kathy Perlow has brought to timebanking since 2000 when she first became a timebank coordinator, then mastermind of the Lehigh Valley Hospital Community Exchange TimeBank, and then a consistent and powerful connector of timebank leaders in the United States and overseas. I am delighted and grateful that she will be stepping in as chair to carry forward the vision for TimeBanks.Org and that Christine Gray -- my dedicated partner since 1999 -- will be joining Kathy as Co-Chair to continue to help nurture and grow timebanks wherever they may arise. 

Already, Kathy and Chris have been working closely with our Executive Director Krista Wyatt as she has brought new energy, capacity, and teamwork to the organization. In this time of great change amidst new realities brought on by the pandemic, more people are facing what matters most in their lives. There seems to be a readiness for embracing the connection we have with each other and a growing sense of community - something that we intimately know through the core values of timebanking. Perhaps we’ve reached a tipping point and the time for timebanking, after four decades, has finally come.

It is time for us to recognize and value as never before the awesome strengths of community members and our ability to support and heal one another. To that end, you have my deepest commitment to do all I can to further the continued spread of timebanking to build stronger, more resilient, more caring communities.  

You will be hearing more from me soon, and I look forward to the new year, sharing together. 


Edgar Cahn Founder

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