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West Seattle Timebank

Member Guidelines


  1. Understand the Timebank Goal: To Build a Non-Monetary Community of Support.
    Timebanking builds a community of support between individuals, families and neighborhoods.  Exchanging services is a means of building sustainable communities in a modern, urban society.
  1. Using Timebank’s Community Weaver:
    Communicating with members through personal emails and phone numbers is best, but Community Weaver, our messaging service, is available to those who wish to keep their contact information private.
  1. Accepting or Declining an Exchange:
    If a member contacts you, be sure to respond to them, even if you can’t perform the service.  It’s OK to say no, but be sure to respond to them so they know to keep looking.
  1. Give Timely Responses:
    We expect our members to respond to each other in less than 3 days, 5 days maximum. Give other members enough advance notice for an exchange.
  1. Timebanking should be Fun:
    Post offers for services that you enjoy doing.
  1. Be Respectful and Courteous:
    Be flexible in your expectations of member’s varying abilities and manage those desires accordingly.  Our Timebank cannot replace the money economy, and is not meant to meet all of your needs.
  1. Clear Communication is Vital:
    Be sure to negotiate the terms of the exchange beforehand. Be clear about your skill level and the amount of time it will take. Be sure you both have the same understanding before the service is provided. Discuss the number of Time Credits (hours) that will be reported.
  1. Monetary Expenses for Materials and Supplies:
    They are the responsibility of the recipient. Both parties should discuss this ahead of time so no one is caught by surprise.
  1. Recording an Exchange:
    The service provider should round up to the nearest quarter hour, and, if appropriate, include transportation time in the total. The recipient of the service (person paying) generally posts the service exchange, unless both parties agree to do it differently.

  2. Confidentiality:
    If a member is experiencing a difficult situation, please don’t share confidential information with other members. If there’s a reason to believe that this member’s situation may negatively impact other members, please notify a coordinator.

  3. Begin Right Away: You do not need to earn credits before you start exchanging.  Each new member receives 1 Time Credit after their account is activated, in recognition of joining the Timebank. Receiving is just as important as giving. Do not be afraid of this kind of debt.

  4. Attend Timebank Meetings and events:
    The potluck events are a good way to meet your fellow members and find out what they need and can offer. This can be the best and most rewarding way to build relationships for making exchanges.

  5. Participation is IMPORTANT! If you are not actively making transactions, both giving and receiving, you are not accessing the true power of TimeBanking. We don’t want to lose you due to inactivity. Our community thrives on active involvement.

  6. Contact a Coordinator if you Experience any Difficulties with:
    1. The Timebank’s Community Weaver computer system
    2. Members who do not return calls or respond to emails
    3. Not enough or too many requests
    4. You believe another members exchange practices are inappropriate
    5. You will be unavailable or move out of our area.

  7. Enjoy Your Timebank!