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West Seattle Timebank

Appreciating our Awesome Timebankers

Over TEN THOUSAND hours West Seattle

Timebankers have exchanged in serving both individual and organizational members

We are literally one of the most active timebanks in the world! 

(#4 as of February.)  So many awesome members.  Here are a few "shout outs" from members to other members for much appreciated exchanges.




"A big shout out to Timebank member and my neighbor, Meg, for shoveling our sidewalk and stairs during Seattle's big "Snowpocolyse" snowfall of February 2019.  Plus she did the sidewalk in front of the house next door. It was a real gift to us!"   

                                           - Grateful neighbor Tamsen


Hannah & Julie helped Elizabeth fix her faucet

Elizabeth says how grateful she is to Timebankers Hannah and Julie.  They took even more time checking every detail than a paid plumber would plus now I have two fantastic new friends!

Appreciative Timebanker Elizabeth




Timebankers build resilient community!

A HUGE thank you to Julie and Hannah for hosting 2 exceptional parties in December and January which energized Timebank and has snowballed into amazing results already.

Hannah and Julie are terrific organizers and motivators.  They create just the right ambiance to build friendships between neighbors.  

Below are Hannah and Julie in their kitchen making delicious dishes for the Timebank party.

Notice how energized Hannah is!  She's just a blur of community spirit!  Julie is in the background, planning and manifesting neighborhood spirit and interconnection for the Greater West Seattle Peninsula. 


Below, check out how thoughtful our hostesses are in labeling all the dishes to accommodate everyone with allergies or dietary concerns.   We have delicious gluten and meat-free options.  How thoughtful! 

Below, check out our amazing Timebankers in action.  Creative and practical folks generating even more fun ways to build community.  Notice the active listening.  Timebanking attracts cooperative, pro-active folks who care about their neighbors and love to contribute their talents.   We can get so much more done with such resilient community spirit!

Below, more happy Timebankers enjoying our spaghetti dinner & lively conversation.  I'm really impressed with the quality of people in our group.  It's so nice to get off-line and partake in lively community in synergy with local community groups and individuals.  Lots of folks in Timebank are contributing HUNDREDS of hours in local nonprofits and now can enjoy using their credit hours to meet more neighbors.

Lovely Elizabeth, on the left, wants to shout out her thanks to Julie and Hannah for fixing her faucet!  More photos and details on that to come...

Below, Timebank Board Member Julie, at our December Party Meeting.  To reward the most active Timebankers she and Hannah hosted a party.  Everybody brought delicious homemade soups in Tupperware to trade with neighbors.  Contributors got to choose from the many gourmet soups.  Now we have deluxe homemade options on demand from the convenience of our freezer.  Souper idea, Julie!


---   EARLIER IN 2018

Below, Timebankers building community in service to our individual & organizational members throughout West Seattle, White Center, and Burien!


Tamsen teaches sewing at High Point Neighborhood House. December 2018.  Thank you Tamsen!  Thank you to High Point Neighborhood House, a Timebank organizational member, for creating this wonderful social and skill-sharing opportunity.


Serving food at the 2018 Neighborhood House Healthy Family Event was fantastic fun. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan even stopped by to say "Thanks for volunteering".  A few of these awesome volunteers are pictured below.

Burien Arts is an Organizational Member of Timebank.   Volunteers make crafts with kids at the Burien Downtown Library. Lots of fun!  Burien Art Association posts opportunities throughout the year to enjoy art in our community. 

Timebanker Vijay and daughter help Grace at the Burien Art Association Friend Raiser event on Dec 15, 2018.

In below photo - Team members with the Nature Stewards Program plan for the new Hazel Valley Community Garden in Burien.  Nature Stewards is another Timebank organizational member.

In the below photo, timebank volunteers at the annual Burien Arts Vision 2020 event.  Many thanks to our Timebank for your show of support!

See organizational member listing of amazing nonprofits you can benefit while earning Timebank hours!  Talk about efficient and effective cross-pollination!  We are all more effective when we work together on community interconnections of our whole SW Seattle peninsula.


Who do you want to recognize? How have they helped you?

Shout out your thanks to your Timebank friends!   Email a photo & a couple sentences to .  We'll post your appreciation on this member website and on our Facebook page.  Thank you everyone!