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West Seattle Timebank

Appreciating our Timebankers!


Over SEVENTEEN THOUSAND hours exchanged
serving both individual and organizational members.

West Seattle Timebank is one of the most active Timebanks in the world!
Here are a few "shout outs" from members for much appreciated exchanges.
Email a photo & a couple sentences and we'll shout out your thanks to our Timebank friends
and post your appreciation on this website and on our Facebook page.  

(Please do check with people to ensure they are not too shy to have their names and images on the web.) 
It's fun to read how many friendships have sprung from our exchanges.
Thank you everyone for all you do!

DAV Chapter 23 Placing Flags for Presidents Day with West Seattle
Community Members and Timebanker Randy Winn

Setting up about 50 flags for Presidents Day at Alaska Junction, West Seattle.
Organized by the Alaska Junction Association;
DAV Chapter 23 - West Seattle was well represented by those of us in the back with hats,
and some of us were initially recruited through the West Seattle Timebank. 
It is truly a joint effort of our community!


Randy Winn Helping Afghan Refugees to Start a New Life in Puget Sound

Puget Sound country is the new home for hundreds of Afghan refugees forced to flee their country
for supporting foreign aid organizations. Welcoming them as they start over with almost nothing
is the work of our whole community, led by the Washington State DSHS Office of Refugee and
Immigrant Assistance but including the full spectrum of community groups.

Recently West Seattle Time Bank member Randy Winn posted a Time Bank request for supplies
such as diapers (for the many youngsters), sewing machines (most of the families are used to
sewing their own) and laptop computers (a key to children learning English). Time bank
members responded with many donations, the largest through time bank member Grace Stiller
connecting Randy with a neighbor who had to clear a whole house of possessions. With the help
of a van from Lutheran Family Services, this donation provided three loads of beds, furniture,
dishes and ... yes ... a sewing machine which is helping several families achieve self sufficiency.
You can help out by contributing yourself, or by taking advantage of many opportunities to be
a welcoming neighbor, please see Office of Refugee and Immigrant Assistance | DSHS 
or contact Randy.


It's donations like this that help make the Timebank sustainable. 

Thanks to Peggy Myer for her generous YEARLY donation. Peggy is an active member and
attends our gatherings. Peggy believes in the value of Timebanking and shows her support
with her annual donation done automatically with a check via a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD).

People over 70-1/2 years who must make an RMD (Required Minimum Distribution) from their IRA
can use a QCD (Qualified Charitable Distribution). There are benefits to the nonprofit
organization and to the taxpayer.Check on the IRS rules and use this way to save on taxes
and give more support to qualified charities.


Volunteers Helped with the Kiwanis Toys for Tots COLLECTION Program

The Kiwanis Club of West Seattle collects new/unused toys for distribution to families
through the US Mariner Corp. Toys for Tots program.



Thank you, Mary Sonn!

Mary Sonn has been a member of the Timebank since 2016 and a 20+ year resident of
West Seattle. She is “Grateful to live in such a beautiful area and that it’s an added bonus
to participate in the Timebank program that strengthens community ties.” 
Thank you, Mary, for your gifts of time and your recent monetary donation!
Mary also is a dedicated volunteer at the West Seattle Senior Center.  


Painting is Serious Business! But, We Had a Lot of Fun!
Pam helped Grace paint the lower section of her house.

This project took 3 leisurely get-together exchanges over the summer of 2021.


Volunteers Hang Art at the New Start Start Community Garden.


July 2021 Gathering and Pot-Luck at the Puget Ridge
Community Garden.



Randy helped install a Community Free Refrigerator
with two guys he did not know.

"I helped install a Community Free Refrigerator with two guys who I did not know and,
thanks to masks, might not recognize if we ever run into each other again!  For the last year,
more or less, I have helped stock the Community free pantries and Community free refrigerators
in Highland Park neighborhood. "Take what you need, leave what you can" is the motto,
and on the evidence we have helped fill a gap in nutrition.

The Highland Park refrigerator had quit, though since the freezer was still working we felt no urgency
since we could put stuff in the other fridge. Then Highland Park
Improvement Club caught fire. This is a big setback for the community, but for this feeding
program the impact is that we no longer have a working refrigerator. The people who lend their
land that this fridge sits on swing into action. In a few hours they had located a used refrigerator
someone would donate, a guy with a truck to deliver it, and a couple of people to supply labor,
including myself. Before sundown on this excessively hot day, we had fridge
and freezer both up and running. We have a lot of work to do to get the Improvement Club
back online but in the meantime what a joy it was to be so productive today!"


Timebank members Mary Sonn and Randy Winn answered Tamson's request
to move furniture. 

Mary even brought a moving dolly which really made it easier!
Randy brought his measuring skill, taking off the legs and cushions to make the chair lounge fit
thru the door.  Now, I have a place for our new recliner which my husband needs badly as he
recovers from medical procedures. 
Plus I was able to visit while safely distanced and masked. I really wanted to hug them!
This demonstrates the heart of  Timebanking. Thanks Timebankers! 



West Seattle Timebank, neighbors, and volunteers with
West Seattle for Peace & Justice got great press!

Thanks, Katie Kauffman for all you do for social justice and world peace!


Helena Rogers receives Burien Arts Association
Artist of the Year Award 2020

Helena Rogers received the Burien Arts Association Artist of the Year Award for 2020. 
Congrats Helena!  She also volunteers her talents in many capacities, 
including as an artists, web consultant, and  in the Nature Stewards Burien Farmer's Market Booth.  
As a retired owner of a popular Seattle record store,
she has a huge following of friends, both artistic and musical. 
We value the time Helena spends!
Thanks, Helena, for your service to the community.


Ann Shares her "Thanks!" for West Seattle Timebank

I thank the volunteers who thought it up, organized, created, packaged, and handwrote

cards and mailed the Timebank personalized post-it gift this summer. It was so lovely to receive mail

that was not a bill.  It's something very useful (in my house especially) and
just to feel remembered and connected to the wonderful people who make our Timebank
truly special. It was appreciated! Cheers, Ann Anderson


Many thanks to Ann Anderson who helped
Grace Stiller harvest tomatoes!

Ann helped me harvest and took home some of the bounty.
From Ann: "Thank you for the fantastic tomatoes - used them all and delighted in them all.
I had frozen lasagna on which I used tomatoes with Parmasan cheese -
piece by piece until all gone - yumm!"
Thank you, Ann,  for helping Grace harvest!


Julie assembled a cabinet for Tamsen!

Huge shout out to Julie Garbutt for assembling a TV cabinet for Tamsen! When we looked at the
directions and realized we'd have to get down on the floor and try to follow directions "a" to "u"
we were overwhelmed! Plus I'd just had surgery and my husband was sore from a fall! 

We practiced social distancing and mask wearing. 

So wonderful to experience Timebankers helping another during a difficult time.

This IS the heart of Timebanking really. 

Thanks Julie. 


Many thanks to Leshawn who Baked an Assortment
of Delicious Cookies!

Leshawn made cookies fo Nature Stewards Intern Graduation Party at Camp Second Chance
on August 30, 2020.  Interns and attendees raved about these delicious home-baked cookies! 


Thanks to Energetic Family that Stacked Arlene's Wood!

Thanks Hannah & Julie - Timebank
Super Star Focus Group leaders!

A shout out to Hannah Love and Julie Garbutt for leading virtual focus group
meetings this month. Julie and Hannah lead four groups with positive enthusiasm and great success. They gave up two precious Saturdays afternoons that I’m sure they
would’ve liked to be gardening. The insights gathered will help the board
and committee develop a three year strategic plan.

Special thanks to our Outreach Committee - Louise Lew, and Ivy Lim - for developing

the survey, and to Beth Mattern for data assistance.

Timebankers sew face masks for each other!

Member Rachel Glass  requested someone sew masks for her family.   Timebank member,

Alice Kuder met the challenge.  Great to know we can depend on our members.

Rachel said Alice's masks are very well made and she truly appreciates them.

Thank you Hannah for delicious Sourdough Bread!

Have you seen Hannah's offer to make you sourdough bread? I took her up on this and she

delivered to my porch. No contact nor virus exposure!

It was the best bread ever and lasted only 2 days!  :)

Thank you Randy for delivering Face Masks!

Member Randy Winn has volunteered with Seattle Mask Brigade to deliver masks

to folks who need them. Here's what he told me:

"Here's one of my porch pick-ups of masks we will sort and send where needed.
You can donate or be a driver! See link for closest Brigade or how to organize one for your community:

Inspiration from Alice

I received this inspiration from Timebanker and author Alice Kuder:

Today may there be peace within.

May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others.

May you use the gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you.

May you be content with yourself just the way you are.

Let this knowledge settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love.

It is there for each and every one of us. ~ Teresa of Avila

Alice Kuder

Thanks to Hanna Love for her monthly donations.

Here is Hannah handing out flags at Morgan Junction Community Association's annual Festival.

HUGE THANKS to Hannah! She is directly depositing her monthly

donation to Timebank with her employer. This donation makes possible printed materials

for outreach, paper products for potlucks, dues payments for our

web database and renewing our State and Local business licenses!


W.S. Timebank members are not required to pay membership fees, so donations keeps our

Timebank alive. Hannah leads our Membership committee, attends every board meeting,

volunteers at every Timebank community event, and she and Julie open their home for soup swaps

and many other meetings. 

In short, Hannah is the heart of our Timebank.  Thank you Hannah!

Tamsen answered a request for mending.

Tamsen, housebound during Covid, made time to mend a boy's favorite jackets! 

His mom said he needs them to play, especially while he can't be inside school buildings.

Pam and Paxton, her son, collected styrofoam from members to recycle.

Paxton sorted Styrofoam at the recycling center. Great activity while schools are closed. 

Members moved recliner into Myrna's home.

Myrna had surgery and had to keep her leg elevated. A neighbor donated a recliner so she could!

Then Myrna needed someone to move it into her home. Timebankers did the heavy lifting!

Two other Timebankers moved the recliner from the neighbor's into a van and then

Pam, her husband. and son moved it into Myrna's house, as you see in this photo.

Hannah & Julie helped Elizabeth fix her faucet.

Elizabeth says how grateful she is to Timebankers Hannah and Julie. 

They took even more time checking details than a paid plumber would.

Plus, now I have two fantastic new friends!

Meg Shovels Tamsen's walkway.

Neighbors helping neighbors.

Julie and Hannah host 2 exceptional parties!

A HUGE thank you to Julie and Hannah for hosting 2 exceptional parties in December 2018 and
January 2019 which energized Timebank and has snowballed into amazing results.  Hannah
and Julie are terrific organizers and motivators.  They created just the right ambiance to build
friendships between neighbors.  Hannah and Julie, picture in the photo, are in their kitchen
making delicious dishes for the Timebank party.  Notice how energized Hannah is! She's just a
blur of community spirit! Julie is in the background, planning and manifesting neighborhood
spirit and interconnection for the Greater West Seattle Peninsula.

Check out how thoughtful our hostesses are in labeling all the dishes to accommodate everyone
with allergies or dietary concerns. We have delicious gluten and meat-free options.
How thoughtful!

Our amazing Timebankers in action.

Creative and practical folks generating even more fun ways to build community.
Notice the active listening. Timebanking attracts cooperative, pro-active folks who care about their
neighbors and love to contribute their talents. We can get so much more done with such resilient
community spirit! It's so nice to get off-line and partake in lively community in synergy with groups
and individuals. Many Timebankers are contributing HUNDREDS of hours to community organizations
and now enjoy using their banked hours to request services from neighbors. To reward the most
active Timebankers, Julie and Hannah hosted a Love Soup Party. Everybody brought delicious
homemade soups in Tupperware to trade. Contributors got to choose from many gourmet soups.
Now we have deluxe homemade options on demand in our freezers. Souper idea, Julie!

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan with Timebankers

Serving food at the 2018 Neighborhood House Healthy Family Event was fantastic fun.
Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan even stopped by to say "Thanks for volunteering".
A few of these awesome volunteers are pictured below.

Tamsen hosts sewing projects with kids at Neighborhood House

Tamsen taught sewing at High Point Neighborhood House in 2018. Thank you Tamsen!
Thank you to High Point Neighborhood House, Timebank organizational member,
for creating ongoing social and skill-sharing opportunities.

Grace Stiller, President of Burien Arts, supports Timebankers

Timebanker Vijay, also a board member, and her daughter help Grace at the
Burien Art Association "Friend Raiser" on Dec 15, 2018.

Nature Stewards, a Timebank Member Organization,
plan the Hazel Valley Community Garden.

Nature Stewards Team members plan the new Hazel Valley Community Garden in Burien.

Nature Stewards is another Timebank organizational member in Burien. West Seattle Timebank serves
the whole Duwamish Peninsula - Burien, White Center, and West Seattle.

Timebankers helped with the annual Burien Arts Association
"Vision 2020" event

Many thanks to our Timebankers for your support!

Timebank's over 40 organizational members post offers online how Timebankers can participate
and bank their hours! Talk about cross-pollination! We are all more effective when we synergize together.
Enjoy community interconnections of our whole SW Seattle peninsula. Exchange hours with
individual neighbors and our member organizations whenever you please.
Mix and match your exchanges to meet fun local people.   

Who do you want to recognize? How do they make a difference?

Shout out your thanks to your Timebank friends!  Email a photo & a couple sentences. 
We'll post your appreciation on this website and on our Facebook page.  
(Please do check with people first to ensure they are not too shy to be on the web.) 
Even without a photo you can also just email a few sentences about your exchange including first names
and grateful thoughts.   It's fun to read how many friendships have sprung from our exchanges. 
Thank you everyone for all you do!

Attend in-person and virtual events & read offers and requests for more opportunities to jump in!